Pick your own apples


Every year organizes the fruit farm pick days where young and old can pick their own apples at a democratic price. So people enjoy the apple picking itself and how an apple case comes into the store.
The pickers are asked to bring their own packaging themselves with. This packing is weighed, and afterwards subtracted from the weight of apples. Wheelbarrows are available to bring the apples from the orchard to the barn.
Before you start picking, you can taste in the applebar the apples, honey and apple juice. After tasting and enjoy you can picking with fun.

During the picking days, Conference pears are also available.

Picking calendar: 

Here comes the 2020 picking calendar.

Einstein appel

How do you pick an apple ?

This fruit is grown with the best care and picked at the optimum moment so that it would give his best flavor price.

Handle fruit carefully to avoid dents. Apples are just as susceptible as eggs!!!!

Apples are easily detached from the tree when you pick them up turning against the direction of growth.

You have to pull a rope, but to lift an apple
If an apple falls, pick him up. 

How do you keep best your apples ?

It is best to keep your fruit in a cool, cold, humid place (refrigerator, cold storage, garden house or outside under a roof).

Not in a dry place as this will extract moisture from the apple.