An apple a day, keeps a doctor away


When you hear the words 'agriculture and horticulture', you may think of a farmer with checkered scarf in hand and the dung cart working in the fields with the prong. Then you walk a few more years behind.
With this information we want to give you a clear and accurate idea of what fruit - growing apples and pears - actually entails. Often anyone known only the good side of a profession and it all seems simple.
Today, the planting of Fruit Farm Picard extends over 5 hectares including 3 hectares with the varieties of apples : Jonagold, Cox, Boscoop, Elstar, Golden, Gala, Delbare and 2 ha with the varieties of pears :Conference,  Doyene du Comice en St Remy. For the pollination of fruit blossoms there are bees who are maintained by the company, and produce honey.
Since 1993, the company apply integrated and environmentally friendly cultivation methods. This quality fruit is grown in an friendly environment  (with respect for the environment and a feeling for nature), a people-friendly (with a minimum use of substance) and economically manner produced (taking into account damage thresholds). This means that diseases and pests be dealt with by natural enemies. They evict predatory mites, that makes the habitat for beneficial insects as pleasant as possible. Only when there are too many harmful insects that can no longer be tackled adequately by their natural enemies, there is an intervention of  products that selectively tackle the scourge and totally harmless to beneficial organisms and bees.